Soil Creatures

I want for nothing

Flowers are toys,
bees are ell boys
she wears a dress like a song wears a voice
a terrible choice ,
a girl or a boy
the boots of a man or the hooves of a horse
ink on an arm,
a surgical charm
her eyebrows are just like the ink of a brush
needles are thin,
are kept in a tin
time is a wind sweeping everything clean
left in the sun,
without its lid on
a texta is leached by the white of the sheet
the bed is unmade,
its a wonderful day
the curtain behaves like the soul of a wave
the house was deserted,
so nobody heard it
the ring of a phone it was starting to rain
her make up was leaking,
she just didn't need it
her eyebrows are just like the ink of a brush
the texta explodes
so deliscously slow
the curtains rejoice like the sea of a coast
bow to the host
nod to the toast
glasses that sing when you rub them with skin
flowers are right
they live in the light
the base of a stone is a wonderful home
back is across
the cheek of a rock
things live below its stomach of stone
mountains are pure
they're never unsure
the rocks are so old that they havent been sold
she told me a story
about how someone had hurt her
her freckly face was full of kindness and grace
I love jumping rocks
its on thing I got
I bounce like a doe I wish I wasn't alone
help me to find
the time to be kind
give me a call a want to tell you it all
needles are sly
they hide from your eyes
all the buckets of blood from all the fingers and thumbs
forests are free
theres nothing they need
I lie on its needles listening to its beetles
the scent of the worm
the coo of the bird
the creak of the wood, everything as it should
the clack of my bones
the thud of blood as it flows
my tremulous heart as it falters and starts
genitals shrink
when you jump in the drink
pupils enlarge when your awake in the dark
pieces of glass
are no longer sharp
bottle was thrown into the sea long ago
kids on the beach
learning to drink
eventually tossed into the foam and the rocks
hearing her new song
for the very first time
it started me sobbing like it pulled something from me
listening to songs
I used to when I was young
remembering friends when we all hated our beds
we'd giggle and croon
cackle and swoon
keeping each other close like sisters and brothers
I've been missing the past
ever since I was cast
but now that I'm old
I miss it ten thousand fold

In our youth we're all mad as hatters
nothing of the world can touch us there
like we're on a ship
sailing across the ocean
without navigation

All aboard our friends and our lovelies
idles on the walls, our enemies
every night the ballroom
throngs untill the dawn comes
quiet up above our parents at the helm

Summon me with screams
soak me on the heath
a figure on the cliff
another on the beach

she liked to take a drink
I liked her when she did
her face would come alight
her words would all be right
full of fun and fight

And when your face is in the soil
and in your eyes the threads of roots and creatures coil
a hole, like a broken bowl
flowers grow there from a bulb
no-one ever sings a song
when your gone

Trace a message on your skin
strike a tone across the rafters of your ribs
I wish you all the very best
grow flowers from the backs of all your heads
every day, we've al been so afraid
away, away

And with the wind across the grass
comes the twinge of something changing in your heart
you shed your skin in slow decay
you bend the world to your own shape
no-one ever sings your song
no-one ever does
when your gone

Hold me on your back
don't you tarry or turn back
take me on your shoulders
don't you ever slow of falter
hold me in your arms
don't you ever let me come to harm

Hold me to your chest
guide my face into your neck
nurse me in your crook
hide my face so i cant look
hold me in your arms
don't you ever let me come to harm

By the time it took
for me to come good
you have grown so old
how the time has flown
never never grow old

The sky is bruising
the sun is losing
continents of cloud slide
snuffing out the last light

The birds are quaking
their nests are shaking
grass and twig that bind them
loosening unwinding
mice are running
cats are grumbling
dogs are howling
rats are scowling

I am in my bedroom
fireplace in full bloom
peering through my window pain
here it comes now with the thunder
like a thousand whispers
rolling across the fields

Hissing on the flat grass
pattering on torn leaves
thudding on the cold glass
sneaking down the chimney
coals are glowing
logs are rolling
smoke is churning
cones are curling

Then a bolt of lightning
suddenly i'm smiling
biggest one i ever saw
lit up all the country
i saw something running
a horse leaping over a fence

A lovely bolt of lightning
i am so excited
everything so strange and wild
suddenly i'm running skipping and a tumbling
out into the crazy night
a horse leaping into the sky

All day i walked alone

In the park I saw the sun become
on the main roads sped machines in rows
full of faces
a thousand different destinations

All day I walked alone

On the back streets yards are overgrown
broken bottles on a broken wall
children's songs
songs that I have sung

All day I walked alone

And if I lay upon the earth
or if I sleep wrapped in silk
the dreams I have are always what I've lost
or what I fear to lose
the leaves cover my shoes

All day I walked alone

Tiny is your heart it beats a thousand times a second
I knew you would remember when I held you in my arms
no-one ever listens when jut your lifted chin
but when you frow your troubled brow they all come leaning in
they all come leaning in

Crimson is the cotton spreading slowly like a flower
I knew you had remembered when you gnashed your little teeth
by the time it took to tell you I was talking t a planet
our time was swept away as if we'd never met that day
never met that day

Tiny are your footsteps they're to numerous to mention
each one a drop of rain upon a dusty window pain
opened was your window where a telephone was ringing
you'd left before the dawn before the coming of the day
the coming of the day

Brother, climbed trees when he was young
never thought he'd fall but he did
oh he died when he was just a kid

Mother, cut down that awful pine
never told her that I loved that tree coz so did he

Black bird, would sing and sing all day
stood up on our roof so quiet
oh she stayed up there all night

Father, had hopes for that dear boy
never let him out of his sight
yes he saw him fall thats right

Lover, held me when I first broke
arms around me as I woke with tears enough to choke

Brother, climbed trees when he was young
never thought he'd fall but he did
oh he died when he was just a kid

What have you got there
show me your hands
bring round your hands
bring round your arms from the base of your spine
curling your fingers
waving there peepers
leaving there pathways of glistening mucus
your hand is a crown now
lets give them a home
feasting on mold in the bath when we're clothed
why were you hiding
why weren't you smiling
oh now I see you weren't setting them free
a twist of your shoe
salt to be cruel
drowning or burning or cutting in two
what have you done
finger and thumb
stained in a gore they're all recoiling from

How did we miss this
how did it miss us
the shutters are drawn now in case theres a storm
trapped in the room
lost flying home
caught in the fire all its feathers alight
she flared as she flew
what else could she do
she blackened the walls as our shadows recoiled
the flames didn't last
but our faces were cast
a comet of screams now lights up all our dreams
crumpled and charred
beak open wide
trembling and blind, head raised to the sky
shovel was quick
snippety snip
grandma was fast she had grown on a farm

Uprooted stumps
roots on display
like headless sea creatures left by a wave
no-ones alive
no-ones alive
I was a baby when you were a wife
road now descends
winding and bending
the edges are frayed thats where walking is safe
below is the beach
now I am rich
the oceans awake full of thunder and spray
continents slide
in a conjurors sky
teaming with footsteps but no-ones in sight
I walk at the flux
the cool breath of the moon
I know that behind me all traces are gone
awake and asleep
each wave is a dream
sweeping the sand clean of all that has been
rocks bulge from the sand
and stretch from the land
pools full of shells one as deep as a room
when I look up
break from the spell
the tide has returned and the day's at its end